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A little about me and the history of our family as "Blacksmith's": My cousin once said "Us Gold's were meant to pour hot steel", as he was the one that started and finished "The Gold Foundry and Machine Works" in Independence, Mo. He was known for a lot of things but locally known for his "Gold Foundry Winches". You can find them on almost every dock in southern Missouri / Arkansas. My dad spent a summer or two working in the foundry and decided that "not all Gold's were meant to pour hot steel". As for my grandfather, in his younger years, did some blacksmithing in Goreville, Illinois but ultimately he was a machinist.

My father was also a machinist and I have followed in his footsteps. I have always had a passion to make things with steel. I had the opportunity in 2006 to buy a coal forge and surrounded it with stones on my patio where I spent many enjoyable hours learning how to beat steel, the hard way. With many years of already working with steel, the art coem to me quickly. I'm an Engineer, so I'm very detailed oriented. I can make items that are functional, which comes form the side of "blacksmithing" but what I would like to be known for is an "Ornamental Blacksmith". I have started to trade mark my work with integrading marbles into my work. So, items that I make are not only functional but have a splash of elegance. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have making them.

As for the jewelry and knives, my wife is dedicated to creating these unique, one of a kind pieces that add that "splash of elegence" to any wardrobe. As for some of the knives, we are the only distributors of them here int he US...making them truely rare and unique. This is jewelry is for any occation.

Kirk M. Gold

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